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Send money to Ukraine online

Enjoy the advantages:

• 0% transfer fee* to send to Visa and MasterCard or bank accounts
• Cash payout in UAH and USD at Western Union agent locations in Ukraine
• Attractive transfer fee* when sending for cash pick-up from 49 RUB

Western Union online money transfers to Ukraine are also available via internet banking and apps of Western Union bank partners: Pochta Bank, Avangard Bank, Rosselkhozbank, Promsvyazbank, Bank Uralsib and Bank FC Otkrytie.

How does your receiver want their money?

You can send money from Russia however your loved ones in Ukraine want to receive it. Ask your receiver what’s most convenient for them.

Bank account

Send money conveniently to your receiver’s bank account in Ukraine.

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Cash pick-up

Send money to Ukraine for cash pick-up in more than 10,000 agent locations**.

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To a card

Send money directly to your receiver’s Visa and MasterCard debit card.

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Transfer money to a Visa and MasterCard debit card

  • You can choose to send money to your receiver’s debit card. Fill in the required details and enjoy reliable money transfers from Russia to a Visa and MasterCard debit card in Ukraine.
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Send money to Ukraine:

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Send money online to Ukraine for cash pick-up. NEW! Send to a card (Visa and MasterCard) in Ukraine for 0% transfer fee*.
Send to a bank account in Ukraine.

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From bank account:

Pochta Bank Avangard Bank
Promsvyazbank Uralsib Bank
Rosselkhozbank Bank FC Otkrytie

Fees for online transfers from Russia to Ukraine

Send to Cash (for payout in any currency)
Amount sent Transfer fee*
up to 10000 RUB 49 RUB
more than 10000.01 RUB 1%
Send to Card (Visa and MasterCard)
Amount sent Transfer fee*
Any amount 0%
Send to Bank account in Ukraine
Amount sent Transfer fee*
Any amount 0%

Fees for transfers to Ukraine from a bank account

Following recent changes to the law in Russia, you need to have a bank account with a Russian bank to send money to Ukraine**.

Post Bank
Amount sent (RUB) Transfer fee*
100.00 — 10,000.00 150.00
10,000.01 and more 1.5%

Amount sent (RUB) Transfer fee*
100.00 — 5,000.00 90.00
5,000.01 and more 0.9%

Amount sent (USD) Transfer fee*
3.00 — 200.00 2.70
200.01 and more 0.9%

Promsvyazbank, Russian Agricultural Bank, Bank FC Otkrytie
Amount sent (RUB) Transfer fee*
100.00 — 5,000.00 100.00
5,000.01 and more 1%

Amount sent (USD) Transfer fee*
100.00 — 200.00 3.00
200.01 and more 1%

Amount sent (RUB) Transfer fee*
100.00 — 5,000.00 100.00
5,000.00,01 — 50,000.00 2.0%
50,000.00,01 — 100,000.00 1.5%
100,000.00,01 and more 1.%

Amount sent (USD) Transfer fee*
100.00 — 200.00 3.00
200,01 — 2,000.00 2.0%
2,000.00,01 — 3,000.00 1.5%
3,000.00,01 and more 1%

Enjoy all the benefits of money transfers to Ukraine:

When sending money to Ukraine with Western Union, you can enjoy the advantages allowing your transfer to reach your receiver at any time in minutes* and your transfer can be tracked

Send money when you like

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Register online and send money when you like


Track transfer

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Check the status of your money transfer and receive an alert when your receiver collects it

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Earn bonus points

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Send money on wu.com

  • Send money in minutes*
  • Send money from any device whenever you like
  • Use either a debit or a credit card
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Your money will be in Ukraine in minutes

  • Your transfer will be available in minutes*
  • 10,000+ agent locations in Ukraine
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* Western Union also makes money from currency exchange. When choosing a money transmitter, carefully compare both transfer fees and exchange rates. Fees, foreign exchange rates and taxes may vary by brand, channel, and location based on a number of factors. Fees and rates subject to change without notice. See terms for details.

** The law restricting money transfers without bank accounts from Russia to Ukraine is effective since June 20, 2017. It means that Western Union clients will not be able to send cash from agent locations. This restriction doesn’t extend to money transfers from banking cards and bank accounts.